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your every customer's feedback matters…

We’re making it easy for you to be more customer-centric.

What is Feedo?

Feedo is an android application to get instant customer feedback

Easy Customer Data Capture

Easily pull up feedback surveys on your mobile device or tablet. Single Tap survey works seamlessly on all Android devices.

Direct Customers Engagement

Simple easy and single tap questions encourage customers to provide their feedback happily.

Freedom of speech

An open text box gives your customers to give their feedback openly other than selective questions.

Offline Feedback

Get feedback even there is no internet and sync later when you will have internet.

Cut off paper work

Cost avoidance in terms of revenue and efforts on printing paper based feedback forms.

Branding & Personalization

Create beautifully branded surveys that your customers instantly recognize and trust. Drop in your logo, tweak colors, add images, and more.

Deliver a solution that works

Use feedback to help you prioritize your work and improve the efficiency.

Admin Control

Get real-time notifications to admin or floor manager on submission of negative feedback, so the feedback gets addressed immediately by the right person.

Reports and Analytics

Get customers feedback data analysis on dashboard with different graphical ways and listings.


  1. Direct customer engagement
  2. Helps to enhance customer service and quality
  3. Improve staff service level and efficiency
  4. Helps to provide effective customer support
  5. Help to identify staff negligence
  6. Live feedback analysis
  7. Instant notification to management
  8. Tablet based feedback – Encourages customers to participate
  9. Easy and simple questions on single tap
  10. Set questionnaires as per your choice
  1. Open text to give customers freedom to submit suggestion or complain.
  2. Real time monitoring of customer feedback to create a greater customer experience
  3. Centralized dashboard on tablets and simplified detail reports on web portal.
  4. Export reports to existing business intelligence. ( compare satisfaction and revenue)
  5. Real time customer grievance addressable basis the instant notification alert on FEEDO ADMIN for any customer dissatisfaction.
  6. Cost avoidance in terms of revenue and efforts on printing paper based feedback forms.
  7. Avoids chances of customer’s feedback if filled forms not providing by the staff.


Tablet Icon


Tablet is a suitable options if you require multiple questions feedback from client or you wish to have feedback given by the customer themselves


Kiosk is simple and convenient way to take customer feedback on single question without engaging any staff. The kiosk can be placed at prime location within the premises.


CustomerFacing copy

Customer Facing App

Primary application is for customer to give feedback. Admin can choose questionnaires what he/she wishes to ask from customer.

AdminAppy copy

Admin App

A separate application will be provided to Admin or Floor Manager to get instant notification on their mobile when any customer select poor option against any question or give suggestion or complaint from option.


  • Access of live analytic data online
  • Data analysis on detailed and advance level
  • User friendly
  • Advance reporting in easiest way
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