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Our ERP product “Business Expert” is a business ready solution which specializes in broad range of industries. With more than 20 years of experience in retail industry and by working with well renowned names of the retail industries, our Business Expert ERP has been developed on “Made to Measure” philosophy by using industry specific modules in Pakistani Market standard practices to deliver analytic which other solutions lag far behind to deliver.

Front & Backend Solution

Offers POS at front with integrated modules such as inventory and accounts.

Touch Screen Friendly

Fully touch screen compatible menus.

Upgrades & Customization

Continuous upgrades to software and tailor-made solutions available.

Anti theft protection

User authentication, discounts authorization, protection against inadvertent tampering of financial documents etc.

User security

Fine grained level of restrictions and permission on application usage.

Cross platform integration

Easily integrate with third party APIs.

On cloud

Our dashboard is synced with all sale and financial reports.

Offline POS

Works even if internet is unavailable.


Buil-in customized reports with drill down options.

Software Features

Point Of Sale

  • User Management: User roles and permission to control POS activities such as discounts and item void restrictions.

  • Menu Management: Create and customize menus.

  • Order Management: Order entry, tracking history, & integration with online stores.

  • Delivery Management: SMS notification and auto update delivery status.

  • Customer Information: Register customer details directly on POS.

  • Parked/Hold Invoices: Hold current sale, retrieve and complete later.

  • Cash in Drawer Limit: Display alert or restrict user on exceeding cash limit.

  • Rider Management: Rider tracking, manage rider commission based on distance or number of orders.

  • Returns: Accept returns, provide refunds and store credit.

Payment Modes

  • Payment Modes: Accept multiple payment modes, including cash, credit cards and web portal merchandiser.
  • Global Currency: Support majority of worldwide currencies.

  • Layaway: Support sales against customer’s account on partial payment, reserve their items in store until they have paid off their purchases.

  • Partial Payments: Support partial payment (e.g cash, credit + cards.

  • Gift Vouchers: Issue, redeem & track gift vouchers.

Kitchen Management

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS): Instant routing of tickets to KDS screen with timestamp. Sound notification at receiving order and when ready for serving.

  • KOT/Docket: Print KOT and easily direct to different kitchen departments

Customer Management (CRM)

  • Customer Details: Store and update customer details, assign sales and track purchase history.
  • Customer Groups: Manage customers into group such as staff, VIPs etc.

  • Promotions: Assign promotions to various customer groups, or outlets.

  • Accounts: Manage customer accounts.

  • Loyalty: Create customizable loyalty programs for your customers.

  • Store Credit: View customer store credit balances and redemption history.

Promotions & Loyalty

  • Deals & Promotions: Assign discounts to selected products. Offer customized deals such Buy One Get One Free, bundle offers to customer groups, outlets, date and time ranges validity.
  • Discounts: Item discounts, invoice discounts, care-of-discount, coupon discounts and other multifarious price reduction features.

  • Loyalty Programs: Reward point-based or instant discount on customer membership.

  • Gift Vouchers: Issue, redeem and track gift vouchers.

KPIs and Data Analysis on Cloud

  • Key Performance Indicators(KPI): Hourly, daily, monthly and yearly sale comparison and other various attributes.
  • Sales: View drop size, customer footfall, customer retention, category sales, hourly sales etc..

  • Inventory: Outlet wise stock and dead stock.

  • Graphical Data Representation: Data reflection in form of graphical representation, such pie chart, bar etc.


  • Print & Email: Print and email sales receipts.
  • Receipt Information: Manage receipt information whether discounts, promotions or other detail show on receipt.

  • Customized Receipt: Customized receipts, templates with store details and company logo.

  • Re-Print Sale Receipt: Print receipts for historical sales, and email if needed.

    Accounts & Finance

    • Chart of Accounts: A complete chart of accounts available to manage financial procedures accordingly. Analysis codes to categorize project-based transactions.
    • Voucher Transaction: All financial transactions like Payment, receiving & journal vouchers etc.

    • Receivables & Payables: Manage receivables and payables with ageing analysis. Usage of credit period and Invoice recognition.


    • Inventory Sync: Manage centralized warehouse concept, track inventory across all outlets.
    • Re-order Points: Set re-order points to identify stock PAR level and generate pop-ups.

    • Purchasing: Purchase and replenish stock with purchase orders.

    • Product Transformation: Convention of raw materials to finished goods.

    • Stock Transfers: Manage stock issuance between warehouse and outlets.

    • Stock Returns: Manage stock returns to vendors.

    • Stock Audit: View stock on hand with full and partial inventory audit via barcode scanner and handheld device.

    • Stock Requisition: Purchase, production and outlet requisitions.

    • Barcode: Manage product barcodes, generate alternate barcode auto and manual, and print customized barcodes as well.


    • Food Cost: Manage food cost in preparation.
    • Recipes: Manage item recipes and control inventory accordingly.

    • Track Process: Track production processes.


    • Core reports: Generates key reports such as daily, monthly and yearly Cash Flow, sales and stock ageing analysis.
    • Sales: Various sales reports such as POS counter closing, sales analysis, best sales, sale register, daily register, drop sales analysis and sales target.

    • Inventory: Outlet wise stock, surplus stock, dead stock and stock ageing etc.

    • Customer Analysis: Track customer historical and current shopping trends.

    • Sales Staff Performance: Create daily, weekly & monthly sales targets for each staff members, and view their performance accordingly.

    • Purchase: Purchase analysis, daily purchase, purchase register, purchase order, and daily pending purchase order etc.

    • Taxes: View tax collected from sales revenue, and any sales revenue that’s tax exempt.

    • Production Report: Consumption and analysis reports.

      Task Manager

      • Task Management: Task manager form helps to monitor task performance. Assign and prioritize tasks, share document activity.
      • Task Status: View task status and manage collaborations easily.


      • 24/7 Customer Support: On-site support available during business hours and in emergency get in touch online or via phone.
      • User Training: Provide training to staff without affecting live data.

      • Tutorial Videos: Video tutorials available on our YouTube channel.


TechnoSys Business Expert is a business ready solution
which specializes in broad range of industries.

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